Hi, my name is Davide Garbujo and I am the founder and CEO at Tribe Guitars.
I spent many years as luthier, making custom guitars and basses for professional musicians, years of hard work in the studio and tour, supporting the musicians of Gianna Nannini, Franco Battiato, Elisa, Moda', Tiromancino, Biagio Antonacci, Gianni Morandi and many others.
Tribe, brand of professional instruments, was born from my experience on stage.
Quality,reliable, beautiful and unexpensive guitars.
Yes, unexpensive, because it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to play a good guitar, but you have to know what to choose.
Why Tribe?
In the WEB era, you can buy everything with a simple “click” and get your bass or guitar in few days.
Nice and comfortable, but then everything ends there!
The important thing for Tribe, however, is the human relationship and friendship,
values that, thanks to the internet, are going to be lost.
My dream was to found a community of musicians, friends always in contact with each other, with the chance to exchange experiences, , have meetings, and live shows...now my dream became reality and our great family grows every day, thanks to hundreds of musicians from all over the world.
This allows us to have a relationship with the musician, before, during and after his purchase, because you are not a customer, but a friend with whom to establish a lasting relationship over time.
Finally, let me introduce "Tribe Independent Custom Shop” the great news of the year!
With Tribe Independent configurator, you can customize your new Tribe Instrument with dozens of options..
Where you’ll see the "Independent" logo in the next pages, means that the custom form is available for that model.
Email us to get the form, choose your options and customize your Tribe!
In 3 months you will get your new instrument, handcrafted by our long experience luthiers.
For any need, please contact us, we are at your disposal and we look forward to having you in our tribe!
Davide Garbujo