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Tribe Soul Juice: Unleash Your Sound with Ultra-Transparent Boost

Introducing the Tribe Soul Juice, an exceptional pedal that takes your guitar tone to new heights. Designed with precision and innovation, this pedal offers an ultra-transparent boost, allowing your guitar's natural character to shine through while adding a touch of magic. Let's dive into the key features that make the Tribe Soul Juice an indispensable tool for musicians.

Unparalleled Low-End Enhancement: The Tribe Soul Juice is specifically crafted to deliver an enhanced low-end response that will leave you astounded. With its unique circuitry, this pedal provides a substantial increase in low frequencies, adding depth and richness to your tone. Whether you're aiming for a warm, thick sound or seeking to fill the room with an earth-shaking bass, the Tribe Soul Juice has got you covered.

Variable Gain: From Unity to Monumental Size: With the Tribe Soul Juice, you have complete control over your sound dynamics. It offers an impressive gain range, starting from unity gain, which maintains the original signal integrity, and soaring up to an astonishing 40 times the original size. This versatility allows you to dial in just the right amount of boost for your desired tone, be it a subtle push or a colossal sonic surge.

High Input Impedance: The Tribe Soul Juice features a high input impedance, ensuring that your guitar's signal remains pristine and unaltered. This characteristic is crucial for maintaining the natural tone and dynamics of your instrument, even when driving the pedal at higher gain settings. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your guitar's true voice will be faithfully represented, free from any unwanted loading effects.

Crunchy Sound and Clean Volume Enhancement: One of the standout qualities of the Tribe Soul Juice is its ability to transform your amp's performance. If you crave a crunchy, overdriven sound, this pedal is the perfect companion. By engaging the Tribe Soul Juice, you can push your amp into delightful saturation, delivering a harmonically rich and aggressive tone that cuts through any mix. Alternatively, when set for clean volume enhancement, this pedal provides a transparent and natural boost, allowing you to achieve a louder, more present clean tone without compromising clarity or fidelity.

With its ultra-transparent boost, exceptional low-end enhancement, wide gain range, and high input impedance, the Tribe Soul Juice stands out as a must-have pedal for guitarists seeking to elevate their sound. Whether you're looking to unleash a wall of thunderous distortion or simply enhance the clarity and punch of your clean tones, this pedal delivers with unparalleled precision and musicality. Add the Tribe Soul Juice to your rig and experience a new level of sonic expression.

Soul Juice Deluxe

The Tribe Soul Juice Deluxe effects pedal. This handmade pedal is designed for guitar and bass, offering a wide range of saturated tones and distortions. With its versatility and carefully crafted design, the Soul Juice Deluxe is an essential tool for musicians seeking powerful and dynamic sound.

The Soul Juice Deluxe features two of our classic Soul Juice pedals, enhanced with a master volume control that allows you to use it as an overdrive/distortion with any input volume. With these features, the pedal provides a wide range of sonic options that cater to the individual needs of every musician.

The two channels of the Soul Juice Deluxe can deliver any amount of gain, allowing you to achieve anything from a soft and crunchy boost in two stages to a rock-level distortion and beyond. This flexibility makes the pedal suitable for a variety of musical genres, from classic blues and rock to heavier metal.

The build quality of the Soul Juice Deluxe is another strong point of this pedal.


Handcrafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, the pedal ensures exceptional durability and reliable performance. Its sturdy construction and selected components guarantee stable operation and resilience to the rigors of both studio and stage use


Whether you're looking to enhance your sound with a subtle crunchy boost or explore more distorted and powerful sonic territories, the Tribe Soul Juice Deluxe is the perfect tool for you. Maximize your musical creativity and discover a world of sonic possibilities with this exceptional pedal.

Add the Soul Juice Deluxe to your effects collection and be inspired by its versatility and limitless sonic capabilities.

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