Pre order the Headless 4

1257,- Euros

Tribe Tribe HL Bass 4_opt.jpg

All basses have a dedicated Gig bag, Allen wrenches, Authenticity certificate and  user manual.


Delivery Estimate:if not available in stock 2-3 months from order confirmation.

You can check the availability at the check out, before purchase.

Shipping, customs duties, VAT not included (If due)*

VAT & Shipping included in Switzerland.


*Delivery Estimate:10 days. If not in stock 2-3 months from the order confirmation because we don't assembly parts, our instruments are handcrafted  one by one, with love, for you.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do, you can order your Tribe wherever you live.

How Much is the shipping?

The shipping cost  depends on where you live.You will get a quotation at the check out before purchase.

How do I know the cost of my shipment?

You can contact us before booking the Tribe, otherwise we will contact you within a few hours after your booking and we will send you an estimate for shipping.

Does the shipping price include customs taxes and duties?

No, the cost of shipping includes only air transport with insurance.

Why do I have to pay taxes and customs duties?

Because every country has its own customs taxes that do not depend on Tribe.

How much i will pay for the Custom duties?

The custom fees are different in each country, we are not able to give you any information, you sould contact your custom or a forwarder to know how much you have to pay.

How can I pay customs fees?

You'll pay the Custom duties to the  courier driver of in advance, depends  on your Country.

May i chose some different option or specifics on my Headless?

YES, if you want other specifications you can configure your custom order, please contact us to get the option form for Custom orders, we'll make it happens!