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Nickel or steel? How does the sound change depending on the strings you pick?

You probably know what we're writing about, it's difficult for most musicians to choose which ones are the best strings to buy for their own bass. Nickel or steel? This post is mostly focused on beginner musicians who are just starting their first steps into music. Soon we are going to explain to you the strings structure and how the sound changes depending on that (round wound, half or flat wound), but let's just see which ones we should pick first.

Steel: They’re more brighter and “scooped out” on the mid frequencies, so they're perfect for genres like pop, heavy metal, slap, funky.

Nickel: thanks to their nickel plating their sound is softer and more balanced. Since there are more average frequencies their sound is perfect for a lot of different genres like blues, classic rock...etc.

Generally, nickel strings are smoother and easier to play than steel, which, on the other hand, offer a feeling of greater tension and "roughness".

About their lifetime, strings like stainless steel last more than the nickel ones, but you need to know that this is not a rule considering that it depends on how you treat your instrument (how much you play and the sweat acidity on your fingers while you play). Also remember that the two different kind of strings are the same size but different string brands have different traction. So if for example you buy a set 45-105 like the former one but a different brand, you might need to adjust the bass neck using the truss rod. I hope this was helpful, press like if you enjoyed this post and share it with friends if you think this was useful. Thank you for reading, keeping you updated.

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