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urisingunderintellectualism. There was, at a distance, the faintest smell of some kind of polish. 'Please,' said Hanno, looking directly at Ruth,'make yourself comfortable. It's warm in here.' Ruth complied, and sat in an armchair, which, however, had evidently been removed from a picture and left with no intention of returning. 'I should have made a sofa for you,' said Hanno, with a smile. 'I will do so later.' 'But it's rather hot,' said Ruth, wrinkling her nose. 'I'm afraid I won't be comfortable here.' 'Do you really think so?' said Hanno. 'I'm sure you will. It is much cooler in here than it is outside.' Ruth thought this was a rather strange remark, although she did not want to show it. The room was, indeed, decidedly cooler than the garden. Hanno seemed to be in no hurry. He went over to the small writing desk in the corner, and took down a heavy volume that lay on top of it. He turned to a page which was heavily covered in manuscript. 'How are you getting on with the book?' 'I have not started yet.' 'Started what?' 'I was just wondering what he might have written.' 'About what?' 'If he ever talked about me.' 'I see. He might have written about you, yes.' 'I was wondering if he might have talked about me.' Hanno paused a moment, and reflected. 'I can't imagine that he would have, Ruth,' he said. 'It would be like him. He would have been a writer of great subtlety, and I know it would have been beyond him to write about you.' 'What do you think he would have written about me?' 'In this world,' said Hanno, 'I think he would have written something about style.' 'I don't understand.' 'Style, in this world,' said Hanno, 'is more than it seems. It is very important. Anyone can write a simple sentence, but to write in the right style, for example, in the fine-art style of the nineteenth century, requires a certain style of thinking and a certain style of writing. You must be able to



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